Healing Codes Program

The journey to embodying the principles, foundations, and elements of healing for self healers, healing facilitators, and those ready to deepen in the nature way

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These lessons WORK and here's why...

The Healing Codes Program was recorded and experienced LIVE at our Healing Codes retreat in November of 2022. We journeyed deep into healing with this group and the results speak for themselves. Since platforming the course in a good way, this kind of healing and understanding is available to YOU through the Healing Codes Program


Most of the "health" education out there is bullshit...

And you know it too. 

Where do people go to actually learn how to be HEALTHY?

To learn how to HEAL? 

Honestly, it is a lot more simple than you think when you understand the principles and foundations of healing. 

Which is why we did all the hard work for you...

  •  We know that you are busy in your life and career so we designed Healing Codes to be flexible and can be completed at your own pace. Whether you're a driven entrepreneur, business owner, or a full-time caregiver, you'll be able to fit the program into your schedule. You'll also have lifetime access to all the materials, so you can revisit the program at any time. 
  • This program offers much more than just a set of "healing techniques". You'll gain a deep understanding of your body and mind and learn how to take care of yourself in a vitalistic, innately connected way. You'll have access to expert guidance and support with the coaching sessions, as well as a community of like-minded individuals who are also on a healing journey. The value of this program outstanding...PLUS the BONUS content is insane.
  • Investing in yourself, your health, and your education can be a big financial commitment. However, we assure you that this program is worth every penny. Not only will you be able to better understand and begin to heal from past traumas, but you'll also learn how to take preventative measures for future health challenges. In addition, you'll gain skills that you can use for a lifetime and will be able to pass on to your loved ones. Just imagine how much it would cost in time, energy, money, and effort to seek out all of these resources on your own. This program can save you so much in the long run.

And remember, you're not alone on this journey. We're here to support you every step of the way.


Join The Healing Codes Community


Over $10k in EXTRA value

  • Bonus #1: Move Breathe Meditate: Dr. Brett's 3 Month Progressive Program ($200 value)

  • Bonus #2: Soul Revival: Healing Codes Recordings: Get instant access to all of the talks from our 2022 speakers ($50 value)  

  • Bonus #3: $100 DISCOUNT on Tickets to Soul Revival 2023: Exclusive sale code for our 2023 two day IN PERSON live event in Tucson, AZ April 29th-30th (General Admission Tickets Valued at $450)

  • Bonus #4: Unshakeable Purpose Workshop: Unleash the keys to defining your personal purpose statement ($50 value)

  • Bonus #5: LIVE Group Coaching: Dr. Brett Jones will be hosting weekly LIVE sessions for the Healing Codes Community in 2023 ($10,000 value)

Start The Journey To Embody These Concepts NOW









Ground Into Healing Principles

Unlock the understanding of what it truly means to heal. The core principles of focus, energy, and creating the healing image

Develop Clarity

Discover the foundations of health and healing. Return to the basics, and deepening in the simplicity of our nature

Remember The Nature Way

Reconnect with the wisdom of the elements and our ability to be in rhythm with them for our healing

We're Different

A more healed, integrated, and embodied version of you is waiting... 

And it's not coming in the form of some kind of pill, potion or lotion

Now more than ever it is VITAL for you to be equipped with the knowledge of healing codes

We've seen - especially over the last few years - people give their power away in order to be "healthy" because they don't have the proper tools or education in order to fully understand where healing comes from and how it happens

We are here to give you those tools

I'm Ready To Learn

So what's the deal with these bonuses...

Check out all the value that is added by joining the Healing Codes Community

Supercharge Your Morning Routine With Move Breathe Meditate

So How Is It That Move, Breathe, Meditate Can So Dramatically Change Your LIfe? 
Movement allows you to remove the physical limitations of your body...
Breathwork induces an altered state of consciousness allowing you to become open to greater possibilities...
Then you can drop into stillness and become present with your unconscious mind with guided and progressional Meditation. 
Now, for the first time ever we are bringing this same work to you. 
So you can start to break free from the noise, let go of stress, worry and built up tension...
And start to clear your mind, feel empowered, and improve your health.
  • 12-PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT FLOWS designed to alleviate pain, regain mobility and increase vitality each weekly flow increases in intensity, duration and effect to ensure consistent evolution so you can continue to break through physical limitations as you become stronger and more in tune with your body.
  •  10-REVOLUTIONARY BREATHWORK PROGRAMS taking you from learning how to first connect to your breath, to breath holds, body contractions, personal challenges, to the world's most advanced breathwork routine we have ever come across. 
  •  ‚Äč7-GUIDED MEDITATIONS bringing you through various states of mental engagement, with each month bringing new meditations designed to eschew traditional ideas about “clearing the mind”, and move you more deeply into designing your greatest connection to self and your purpose in this present moment. 

Experience Soul Revival 2022: Healing Codes 

As a bonus with your purchase of Healing Codes you will get access to the recordings of all our speakers from the 2022 Soul Revival Event: Healing Codes! 

You will recieve content from:

Charlie Rocket

Daniel DiPiazza

Dr. Brett Jones

Dr. Kate Jones

and almost ALL of our Kairos Training Culture Lead Facilitators!

Join us LIVE at Soul Revival 2023 and SAVE $100

When it comes to in person events... we don't mess around. Facilitation of transformational experiences is what we do.  And this weekend is absolutely going to deliver on levels that will definitely change your life. April 29th-30th 2023 in Tucson, AZ, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on this one.


Build An Unshakeable Purpose Statement

In this exclusive BONUS workshop Dr. Brett Jones will take you through the process of developing your Unshakable Purpose Statement. 

A guiding light to WHY you are here on this earth. 

Learn how to utilize your story, your pain, your triumphs, and that which you want to experience in your life in order to create a personal anchor to your purpose. 

Coach With Dr. Brett

This bonus alone is worth buying the program. 

Dr. Brett DOES NOT open his books for coaching regularly. And to be included with the program at THIS PRICE?! Unreal. 

Gain weekly access to continued learning, Q&A, and group coaching with Dr. Brett all as a part of your Healing Codes Program. 

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